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VA Narration Record

Whether you’re in Moscow, Amsterdam, Los Angels or anywhere in-between, Post-Op Media is the best choice for Narration Recording in Virginia. Employing both APT and Zephyr ISDN codecs you can record your talent here, there… or anywhere. Not necessary? Well you could always record your narration in our conveniently located booth . Large enough for a roundtable conversation, performing ADR, lock-to-picture, or single talent reading from the page. Our Narration Booth has heard it all! Combined with the ability to capture audio at rates up to 24bit / 192kHz and deliver all standard types of file you can be assured that your Narration Recording will obtain the highest standard source for your mix session.

VA Voice Over Recording

Whether you’re in VA, LA or anywhere in-between Post-Op Media should be your choice for Voice Over Recording. With ISDN lines using both APT and Zephyr codecs it doesn’t matter if you’re here and your talent’s there of vice versa. Of course you can always record a standard narration in our ample sized booth. Large enough to hold roundtable discussions, perform ADR, read-to-picture, or just a single talent reading your script, our Narration Booth has seen it all and is ready to address your project’s needs. With the ability to record up to 24bit / 192kHz files as .WAV .AIF or any other type you may need, you can be assured that your Narration Recording will provide the best quality source for your mix session.

Can I Get More In The Monitors?

You’ve whittled down the script, and your scratch track just isn’t going to make the cut from here on out. It’s time to bring in the big guns, the talent with the Really Deep Voice, or the Wacky Character Voice, the Soothing Friendly Voice, or the Knowledgeable Voice of Authority. And it’s time to book your recording session at Post-Op Media.

With VO Recording it is imperative that you don’t chose a facility that can just “get it done” but one that is there to make sure it gets done right. It’s true, any joker with a mic and some recording software can get you a Voice Over, but that might not be all you get. Hum, Plosives, Room Tone, Distortion, Paper Rustle, Clothing Rustle, even an Ambulance Drive By have all been turned over to us in “Keeper” takes recorded by other facilities. And all required extraneous editing time that inflated the productions’ budgets.

You need experienced ears between those speakers that know the difference between noises and can eliminate them quickly if they don’t belong there. Someone who understands audio signal and can put a handle on the technical side of the project while you direct the talent. So that at the end of the session everything you walk away with will be everything that you hoped for and nothing you don’t want to hear.