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Mix Your Project In Surround, Get a Stereo Mix For Free!

The Audio Mix is where we provide the sonic focus for your story. In every mix there can be a mountain of elements all competing for your attention: dialog, narration, music, sound effects, sync sound, ambience. And each of those elements can be comprised of many themselves. Through the mix process we decide what belongs in your sonic foreground, middle, and background for each moment of your program.

With Digidesign’s Pro Tools HD mixing platform at the heart of each of our audio mix suites, we are able to tame the wildest sounds and smooth out the roughest mixes. And by mixing in the box there’s no generational loss when adding dynamic processing, equalization, creating sub-mixes, or re-routing signal. It’s through this process that we are able to create a mix in Surround and simultaneously create a downmix to Stereo that is, swell for swell, eq for eq, the same. So your SD audiences won’t miss the story, just the rumble of the sub and the envelopment of space that the surrounds provide. And you don’t have to worry about stretching your budget to have the best of both worlds.

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Audio Suites

When it comes to Documentary or Independent Film Post Production, Post-Op Media should be your choice. Utilizing Digidesign’s Pro Tools HD Accel hardware we are able to streamline workflow and eliminate worrisome technical issues. Each of our audio suites have access to our database of sound effects permitting efficient creativity while developing your project’s soundtrack. If we are unable to find, manipulate or mangle just the right sound, it’s off to the Foley room to get what you’ve been missing.

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