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Final Cut Pro Editing

Post-Op Media’s Final Cut Pro Editing suites are the roomiest, most comfortable, most client-friendly suites in the DC metro area*. Both of our Final Cut Pro suites offer leather couches, easy to see screens, client computers, wired or wireless internet connectivity, a tray full of snacks, and of course access to our friendly, savvy, & highly creative editors.

With experience that extends well before even the notion of HDTV, our editors know that the only thing different between today and yesterday is the technology. It’s still television, it’s still your story, it’s still your message. So with countless tales under their belt, our editors wait patiently by their Final Cut Pro systems ready to help you tell your next story. And because we value our time to be creative, and prefer to cut short our digital coffee breaks, we have loaded up our systems to the max so changes happen faster and progress doesn’t grind to a halt. So set up camp, scatter your source tapes across the vast expanses of tables and shelves, kick off your shoes and feel at home**. Isn’t it time you edited at Post-Op Media?

*This may not technically be 100% true, but it’s what we’ve heard from our clients.
**Kicking off of shoes subject to editor’s odor sensitivity on day of session.

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