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Post-Op helps PBS to Look Back on a Stellar Year of Programming

Working with PBS promo producer, Laurie Wiggins, Final Cut Pro editor Dave Brier cut a two minute image spot that highlighted the critical acclaim that PBS programming has received over the past year. Culling over 50 different sources (roughly 500 hours of programming), Laurie and Dave sought to create a hard-hitting ”Sizzle” spot that would capture the breadth, and excitement of what PBS has to offer. The spot also features a stunning new graphics package designed by PBS Art Director, Dave Wilder, and Eyeball in New York. Post-Op would like to congratulate PBS on another stellar year of programming!

PBS Nominated For National Emmy

Post-Op Media would like to congratulate PBS on their Emmy nod for a theatrical trailer promoting the acclaimed Ken Burns documentary, ”The War”. Post-Op’s own, Dave Brier, did the offline editing, title design, and final compositing, and the spot has now received a nomination for ”Outstanding Promotional Announcement for News or Documentary Program” from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Just Because It’s Digital Doesn’t Mean It’s High Def

You keep seeing the commercials: February 17, 2009 is the end of analog broadcast. But Standard Definition Television will still be around on Wednesday the 18th. So don’t worry. Despite upgrading all our video suites, Post-Op Media will continue to support our clients who shoot, produce, edit and deliver in SD.

Make a ‘High Res’ Resolution

Your fine cut is approved. Critical creative decisions have been resolved. It’s time to take this project into the home stretch. It’s time to Online. Your footage will be re-captured at the highest resolution possible and re-conformed into a broadcast quality version of your show. It’s time to bring in all of the final graphics, visual effects, titles and lower thirds (you may want to be around to catch spelling errors).

Your editor will take the time to ensure that your program will meet all the quality control technical specifications of the broadcaster. Because there’s nothing more disheartening than seeing a show return you thought you’d see next on air.

Linear-Non Production-Post

No one knows better than an offline editor that the order in which you state your message matters just as much as the message you’re stating. So when the research is complete, the production’s wrapped, the VO script is written (and being re-written) it’s time to bring your footage to Post-Op Media and piece together your story. In Offline Editing we capture your footage at low-res into our Final Cut Pro suite and start to make the first visual rough draft of your project.

Pacing is dictated, shots are chosen, rambling interviews begin to make a definitive point. Your story begins to unfold. Here, at Post-Op Media, alongside you is your editor. A critical eye, a sounding board, a fellow storyteller eager to help bring your project into existence. They can foresee what pitfalls may lie in wait based on the creative decisions you make and can advise you how to avoid the impending obstacles or direct you down a similar, less complicated, less budget-busting path.

He Beginning Of Sentences Are Almost As Important As The En

Up-cut syllables, mouth noise, pops, clicks, distortion, air conditioning that sounds like a 747. They pervade even the most blockbuster of budgets, but that’s no reason to allow them to disgrace your production.

There is no better investment in your mix than the appropriate amount of time in Audio Editing, it’s time spent getting to know your program, understand its flow and work out all its kinks. Post-Op Media’s Audio Post team has the tools that are necessary to primp, trim, and prep every element in the timeline, so the only surprises come mix approval time are pleasant ones. Audio warts that had made you cringe in offline will been cleaned, spliced and smoothed over to flow seamlessly from one transition to the next. Track organization and signal routing will allow for an uncomplicated layback process, where new deliverables can be created with just a few clicks.

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Final Cut Pro Editing

Post-Op Media’s Final Cut Pro Editing suites are the roomiest, most comfortable, most client-friendly suites in the DC metro area*. Both of our Final Cut Pro suites offer leather couches, easy to see screens, client computers, wired or wireless internet connectivity, a tray full of snacks, and of course access to our friendly, savvy, & highly creative editors.

With experience that extends well before even the notion of HDTV, our editors know that the only thing different between today and yesterday is the technology. It’s still television, it’s still your story, it’s still your message. So with countless tales under their belt, our editors wait patiently by their Final Cut Pro systems ready to help you tell your next story. And because we value our time to be creative, and prefer to cut short our digital coffee breaks, we have loaded up our systems to the max so changes happen faster and progress doesn’t grind to a halt. So set up camp, scatter your source tapes across the vast expanses of tables and shelves, kick off your shoes and feel at home**. Isn’t it time you edited at Post-Op Media?

*This may not technically be 100% true, but it’s what we’ve heard from our clients.
**Kicking off of shoes subject to editor’s odor sensitivity on day of session.

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