Dave Brier

Raised by a pack of wolves in the Andean wilderness, Dave was plucked from the jungle by our resident Smoke editor and journeyman explorer, Henry Holdren. Henry replaced Dave’s primitive stone tools with a pen, tablet, and a fresh copy of Final Cut Studio. Then, from out of this grizzly hunter/ gatherer rose a video editor with an arresting visual command of his craft, and charming client skills to boot (just don’t make any sudden movements as he startles easily). Since returning to the civilized world, his skills have benefited the likes of HBO, PBS, The Tonight Show, Discovery Channel, and Time Life Music, to name a few. From long-form documentary, broadcast commercials, or rough-cut offline editing to complex compositing and online finishing, he’s ready to help craft your message (and he can whittle a mean bowstaff, too…whatever that is).

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