Who works in Client Services?

Post-Op Media has no personnel in the Client Services department because,
well, we don’t have a Client Services department. Why do we like it that
way? Because everyone on staff is here for your client service needs.
Post-Op Media’s size is just where we want it to be, as it allows the
editor, audio operator, and colorist to directly hand off to one other for
each stage of your project. The editor or sound designer with whom you
just worked is the person who’s checking in on you and your project to
ensure that things are going smoothly and that all needs have been met.
There are no middle men or women to manage the project or potentially mix
the message. The project details come straight from the horse’s mouth, so
to speak. And if you’d like a latte or other beverage to enjoy as you kick
back on the buttery leather couch to watch your show, we’ve got that
covered too. Client Services is what we all do; it works well for us
because we’re all working for you.