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We’ve moved to New Post-Op!

We've Moved Graphic-SMALL
As of Monday, November 18, 2013, Post-Op Media is now located at our new facility. The move went smoothly and we’re now ready for visitors. Our new address is 2000 N. 14th Street, Arlington, VA 22201. And we’ve kept the same phone number – 703-525-7000 & fax at 703-525-7001.

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Moving Day is Approaching

Post-Op Media’s big move is fast approaching. As you can see from the progress in the photo, we’ve come a long way from an empty space in August to our nearly completed buildout in mid-September.


New Post-Op Media from August to September

In the next few weeks construction will wrap up and we’ll begin to relocate the facility. Starting in October, we have a multi-week plan to move into our new home. This will allow us to remain open for business and minimize any down time.

We’ll start by relocating a few suites to the new space. They will temporarily work as satellites while the old facility remains in service. The new rooms will have the essentials – lights, Internet access, and, of course, snacks, but our receptionist will still be at the old facility. At about the midpoint of our move, we’ll officially make the new space our main center of operations, leaving a few suites in the old building to work as satellites. Again, they’ll still have the essentials as we head into the end of moving period.

By mid-November we expect to be fully relocated into our new building. If you are working with us between now and then, please come to Suite 406 in 2020 N. 14th Street. This includes any shipments or couriers.

Also, until you hear otherwise, parking is still available in the breezeway. Once we’ve completed the switch to the new space, we’ll have a new arrangement for parking. We’ll update everyone once that is settled.

Stay tuned for further developments. We’ll continue to post updates as things progress. This is an exciting time for us (and hectic, as you can imagine). Stay in touch with us so we can keep you up-to-date.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (703) 525-7000. (We’re even taking that number with us when we move, so we’ll always be easy to reach.)


Post-Op Media is Moving!

Post-Op Media is moving! Don’t worry about finding our new location, though, because it’s right across the street: 2000 North 14th Street Suite 450 in Arlington, VA. We can literally look out our windows and see into the vacant space that will soon be our home.

Post-Op II (Electric Boogaloo) will have the same number of spacious, comfortable suites, the same state-of-the-art gear with some exciting improvements, the same amazing people, and the same relaxed, welcoming vibe we’ve always had. The building, however, is much, MUCH nicer (and, unlike the current one, not destined to become offices for Arlington County).

We’ll begin transitioning a few rooms at a time into the new facility this fall, and we’ll be 100% moved in by the end of the year. The move will not disrupt our normal operations. Our new home will arrive simultaneously with our 10 year anniversary, and our combination facility warming/anniversary celebration will be the best party you won’t remember.

We’ll be posting pictures and updates as construction progresses, so stay tuned.

We are also very excited to announce the launching of our client email list. This list will offer discounts and promotions from time to time, as well as update you on important changes at Post-Op Media. If you would like to subscribe, please click here.

It’s going to be a busy year at Post-Op Media. The end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. We hope to see you soon.

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Route 50 Detours

UPDATE – December 2013

This project has moved far enough along that most of these Detours no longer apply. You should be able to get to us without too much hassle. Route 50 Eastbound still has a detour, but it clearly marked.

Arlington County & VDOT are making some changes on the roads near Post-Op Media. The biggest project involves the intersection at Route 50 & Courthouse Road. This project will close access from Route 50 to Courthouse Road for several months. Eventually the interchange will re-open with a new bridge and connections between the roads.

As of January 25, the Bridge from 50 East onto Courthouse Road will be closed for removal. This closure will require you to follow a detour from Route 50 in either direction. VDOT has official detour routes you can use – 50 Eastbound & 50 Westbound. We think they will be more crowded during rush hours. Below are our suggested routes for reaching our offices:


We recommend the following route: Exit onto Washington Boulevard toward Clarendon. Head north on Washington Boulevard for 1 mile. Turn right onto 10th Street North – look for a Shell Station on the right. Travel three-tenths of a mile and turn left onto N Barton Street – at the first traffic light. Proceed on N Barton Street approximately three-tenths of a mile. Turn right onto N 14th Street. At the intersection of N Courthouse Road and N 14th Street, 2020 will be on the right side, just past Courthouse Road.

You can click the map to the left to view the route on Google Maps.








To reach our building from Westbound Route 50, however, you will need to use an alternate route. Instead of getting off at Courthouse Road, you should exit immediately after you pass under the pedestrian bridge. Make an immediate left onto 14th Street North. Continue on 14th past Queens/Rhodes Street. As you make your way up the hill, the road will curve to the right. It switches from 14th Street North into 15th Street North. Stay on 15th until you reach the light at Courthouse Road. Turn left on Courthouse and travel one block to the intersection of 14th Street North and Courthouse Road.

Here is a map of the detour from Westbound Route 50: (click the map to view the route on Google Maps)



When it comes time to head out,  you can still reach 50 Westbound via Courthouse Road. Heading to 50 Eastbound, you should take 14th St. west to Barton St. Turn left on Barton. And then turn left on Pershing. This will take you to a light where you can turn left on 50 and head east towards Alexandria and into Washington, DC.

(Click this map to view the route on Google Maps)














Exit from 395 North or South at exit 8A. Follow signs for S Washington Boulevard. Head north on Washington Boulevard for 3 miles. Turn right onto 10th Street North – look for a Shell Station on the right. Travel three-tenths of a mile and turn left onto N Barton Street – at the first traffic light. Proceed on N Barton Street approximately three-tenths of a mile. Turn right onto N 14th Street. At the intersection of N Courthouse Road and N 14th Street, 2020 will be on the right side, just past Courthouse Road.

Reverse the above directions to return to 395 from Post-Op Media.

Click the maps below to view your route on Google Maps

From 395North

395North to Post-Op Media

From 395 South (14h Street Bridge)

395South to Post-Op Media



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“Great White Highway” premieres in Shark Week










Post-Op Media recently worked with True Blue Films to complete post-production on “Great White Highway,” a 1-hour special that will premiere during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2012, airing Thursday, August 16 at 9PM e/p. Make sure to tune in!

The show documents research made into migratory behaviors of Great White Sharks in the Pacific. It is an amazing story. The show was produced and directed by Robert Nixon, line produced by Brook Holston and edited by Luke Lindhejm.  It features Ted Danson as narrator.

Post-Op Media worked with the True Blue Films team to bring the show to the finish line. Providing: Online editing by Nate Zyontz and Ben Howard. Color correction by Ted Snavely. Sound Design by Chris Martin and Brian Callahan, and Final Mix by Brian Callahan.

Post-Op Media congratulates True Blue Films on an excellent show.

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Post-Op Media is down a “Steve,” but we’ve added a “Brian!”

We’re happy/sad here at Post-Op at the beginning of 2012.

Sad because our friend, Steve Urban has flown the coop. Happy because he has relocated to Los Angeles with his wife Karol. They have embarked upon a plan of making a name for themselves in Tinsel Town! We wish them all the best & good luck as they embark upon exciting and challenging new work in California.

And we’re doubly-happy because we welcome Brian Callahan. Brian is an experienced Audio Mixer and creative Sound Designer with over fifteen years in the post-production industries of Chicago and D.C.  He has mixed shows covering the gamut – from documentaries, reality, and even theater. Brian is a terrific talent and Post-Op is excited to have him join our team.

It’s an exciting time here and we’re ready for 2012 & we hope to see you soon!

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Bon Voyage, Fritz

With much sadness, Post-Op Media pauses to remember Fritz Roland, who passed away this morning. It’s hard for us to think of Fritz outside the context of his family. They collaborated to build Roland House into a premiere post-production facility, and the launching point for so many careers, including many of ours here at Post-Op. So much of who we are today was cultivated from our time at Roland House. Without Roland House before it, there is no Post-Op Media. And for all that we are eternally grateful. As we reflect, we remember a company in it’s prime that had a family at it’s heart, and it’s employees as an extension of that family. It’s a time in our lives we will never forget. The Roland family will always be dear to us, and they are all in our thoughts today.

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The Thomas Building

In the interest of preventing mis-information, a quick update:

Arlington County announced this morning that they are beginning the process to attempt to purchase the Thomas Building. This has been the building we have called home since our founding in 2003, and also the building many of us (and our old friends from Roland House) have worked in dating back to the early 90’s. We have involved ourselves immediately in the possible changes and will continue to stay close to the process. After some initial concern, it is clear to us that this is a very long process that will take years and faces many obstacles before ever possibly coming to fruition. How those changes affect Post-Op, if at all, will take a long time to become clear as well. So for the foreseeable future, it’s business as unusual here at Post-Op Media.

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2011 Peer Awards

The Post-Op Media Team took home several honors at the 2011 TIVA-DC Peer Awards held on November 20th. It was an exciting evening at the National Press Club. Congratulations to our Team and to the clients who picked Post-Op Media to work with on each these spectacular projects.

Cheers to the Post-Op Media Team for receiving a grand total of 9 awards!

Read on for all the details

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New & Improved Web Site

Welcome to the new & improved Post-Op Media Web site.

This re-design will allow us to better communicate with our visitors. Also, visitors can now communicate with us as well. Commenting is now available on our Weblog posts as well as other pages.

Poke around and take a look at the new design. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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